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Learn Kabbalah through humor.

Kabbalah has entered pop culture over the past decade or so, but in reality, it is an ancient mystical discipline dating back over 3,300 years. In “Hey Waiter…There’s God in My Soup!” we have combined the esoteric aspects of Kabbalah with humor to make the subject matter easier for the beginner to grasp. The humor adds a joyful dimension, and since a joyful person is more open, available and willing to entertain concepts that don’t necessarily fit a logical paradigm, we believe this is a solid approach to learning. So read, learn, laugh and grow!

Happy marriage or successful marriage?

Over the past 37 years, many of our friends have asked my wife and me how we stay so happy. In fact, this is not true; we are not always happy. However we do know how to restore our relationship to a state of workability. The 4 Steps to a Successful Marriage will provide you with great tips, whether you’re newlyweds, old-timers, or just entering the dating scene. Oh, and it will enhance all your other relationships as well.

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