Thinking of Marriage?

Marriage. Agony or ecstasy? Romance novel or Reality TV?
Is it “happily ever after,” or “happily never after?”

We’re sure all you brides who fantasized
about your wedding day ever since you were
three—including the six-month diet
beforehand—can attest to the fact that, once
the honeymoon was over, you found yourself
living with someone you didn’t entirely recognize.

And for all you grooms, did you ever
imagine that the sweet, shy woman you
spotted across the room all those years ago
would learn to assert herself—in spades—by
the time you celebrated your first anniversary?

And, how’d you like all the advice you got
from your “expert” friends and family?
“The most important thing in a marriage is love.”
“No! It’s understanding.”
“No! It’s communication.”
“No! Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”
“No! It’s respect.”
And despite their well-intentioned advice,
you surely noticed that these “experts” didn’t
exactly seem to have the best relationships themselves.

Given the popularity of the topic, it’s
surprising that our high schools don’t devote
a semester or two to marriage and
relationships during senior year.
And given the impact marriage will have
upon the entire rest of your lives, we’d like to
share our secrets with you before you
embark upon this historic event.

Can marriage live up to all the hype
surrounding it?

This blog has its sources in Kabbalah
(mystical Jewish teachings), theology,
philosophy, psychology and the human
potential movement.

By studying and using these pages, you
will have the tools necessary to resolve the
issues that plague all marriages. In addition,
you will experience your relationships on a
deeper and more satisfying level than you
ever dreamed possible. The more effort you
exert, the better your results will be.

You have within you everything that it
takes to improve your relationships. The
question is, are you willing to work at it?

We have used inspirational quotations
from the past and present, including the
wisdom of some of the greatest mystical
thinkers. The difference between our book
and most others is that we have included the
spiritual dimension, so that the soul can be
touched and softened. Once the soul joins the
intellect, the synthesis is complete, and
transformation can occur.

Through the use of anecdotes and actual
case studies, we will make these concepts
come alive. We maintain that these are proven
methods and that if you study and implement
them in your relationships, your lives will
improve dramatically.

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