Spiritual vs. Material

Put materiality and spirituality into proper perspective.
A high-priced lawyer parallel-parked his car and opened the driver side door of his BMW, when, suddenly, a truck came along and tore the door from its hinges, taking the lawyer’s left arm with it.
Horrified, the truck driver stopped, whereupon the lawyer launched into a tirade about the damage that was done to his precious car. Soon the police arrived, and the lawyer repeated his threats against the driver for the loss of the BMW.
“You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick!” retorted the officer, “You’re so worried about your stupid BMW, you didn’t even notice that your left arm was ripped off!”
“My left arm?” gasped the lawyer. “OH NOOOOO! My ROLEX!!”

Although our lives are taken up with survival: eating, drinking, sleeping, making a living, etc., we may come to the wrongful conclusion that the material aspects of life are the most important. In fact, we are charged with the task of mingling the physical with the spiritual in order to use them for a Divine purpose.

Remember that the soul, which is an actual part of God, has descended into the coarse, material world within the confines of a physical body, which is the polar opposite of its spiritual nature. This descent has been ordained in order to purify the physical body and encourage it to refine the world around it into a worthy abode for the Divine Presence.

When we live life in this way, we achieve fulfillment through a harmonious relationship between the individual and the world at large. This peace and harmony transcend material desires and selfishness and moves us toward achieving our Divine purpose.

Did you ever notice how wealthy people can never get enough?

You see, we all have a material and a spiritual side to us. Most people don’t know this. The spiritual side of us needs to express itself just as much as the material. If a person doesn’t know this and feed only the material, it will seem to him that hunger is 100% material. So what does he do? He feeds his material side more; leaving his spiritual side starving.

It’s no good!

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