The Source of Power in a Marriage

Who is the source of power in the marriage?

I know, I know. Many of you will say God; what I mean is, who is the power source in the male/female relationship?

Is it the man or the woman?

Hint: The operative phrase here is “power source.” The source of power is always the same; it’s not 50/50 man/woman or any other split, and it doesn’t depend on the situation.

What’s more,the success of your marriage depends on both of you agreeing on this.

If you’re struggling with the question, let me help you using this metaphor:

Suppose the Super Bowl was scheduled for Sunday, and your TV was broken. Say you run down to Costco or Best Buy and pick out a new smart TV and bring it out to your car. You’re so excited for the pregame show, you can’t even wait to get home to try it out. So what do you do? You open the box, lift the TV out and place it upright in the trunk of your car.

What do you see on the screen?

Do you see the pregame show?
Do you see static?
Do you see anything?

No? Why not?

Because it’s not plugged in. That huge, beautiful television set has to be plugged into that little outlet on the wall; otherwise, it won’t work. Right?

So, which is the television set, the man or the woman? And which is the outlet? Actually any electrician will tell you the plug is the male end, and the wall outlet is the female end. And when I refer to plugging in, I mean physically, emotionally and psychologically. How far-reaching is the woman’s power? Well, behind that little outlet cover are thousands of wires connected to utility poles, and ultimately to Niagara Falls. THAT’s the source of power we are talking about!

So, do you know the answer yet? Are there still any hold outs, or can we all agree that the power source is the WOMAN? Always. And I would add that a smart man will give himself over to her and let her do what she naturally does best.

But, women! You have to be aware of this as well.

One Big Problem

Since the woman in our metaphor isn’t actually powered by Niagara Falls, the next question is: who empowers her? She’s human and needs to regenerated, too. Is it her mother? Her sisters? Her girlfriends? No, no, no, no, no. It’s her husband! The problem is, he doesn’t know how. Men are famous for being oblivious to sensitivity, verbal communication and emotional reinforcement–those things that would go far in empowering the woman.

So, the answer to the problem of who empowers the woman is this: once the man gives himself over to her, she has to sit down and TEACH HIM.

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