My name is Sam Krause. As a kid, I went to Dewitt Clinton, an all-boys High School in the Bronx. where I used to get beaten up regularly by the inmates for as little as 10 cents. I wish I had gone to Roosevelt H.S. because they had girls and, at least girls would have run over to me and let me rest my head on their laps after I got beaten up.

Today I am a public speaker, Marriage Coach and the author of 2 books: The Four Steps to a Successful Marriage and “Hey Waiter…There’s God in My Soup!” I consider myself an expert on personal growth, marriage and all other relationships. I am writing this blog to share my knowledge and answer any questions you might have (Use the Contact tab above).

Where does one begin? If you’re not yet married, you’ll have to find a “significant other.” That will mean getting a date. But with whom? Should you start with someone who is beautiful or handsome? Well, let’s see.